Saturday, August 1, 2020

Earn Crypto Free Then Use it For Half Off Content Writing Services from LMP

MANKATO, MN - It's August. Time for a new promotion. This month, I am offering all my copywriting services half price if customers pay with cryptocurrency. Now accepting payment in BTC (BitCoin), ETH (Etherium), LTC (LiteCoin), XRP (Ripple - Great Value!), EOS (EOS), XLM (Stellar Lumens), LINK (Chainlink), BAT (Basic Attention Token), XTZ (Tezos) OMG (OMG Network), ALGO (Algorand), BCH (BitCoin Cash), OXT (Orchid), COMP (Compound), KNC (Kyber Network) or DAI (Dai). Payments are easy! Get started with crypto using my link and we will both get free crypto!

Lawson Media & Publishing provides a wide array of copywriting services including SEO, digital journalism, digital marketing, copy editing, technical writing and editing, e-commerce copywriting, ghostwriting, blogs, articles, data collection, research, interviews, ebook writing, case studies, white papers and documents.

This month, LMP is offering half off all copywriting services (excludes monthly package rates) listed for sale on our website. We already accept cryptocurrency payments in the form of BitCoin thanks to BitPay on our website. However, you can also pay using Coinbase, a simple mobile wallet app that lets you invest in crypto, send crypto and buy/sell with instant transactions. BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies are available and you can get free crypto by using the link above.

There are also free courses available on Coinbase to help you get started. You just have to watch a simple two-minute video and answer one question to earn $2-3 of crypto. I have earned more than $100 for free already, but hurry as some tokens like OXT have already been claimed. Here are some crypto types to consider:

Other cryptocurrency payments will need to be arranged privately using wallet-to-wallet transactions for sending and receiving with required tags, links, codes, etc. A QR code can be sent to you in an invoice, from which you can scan with your device and pay instantly. This includes payment from the following tokens:

  • Ripple
  • BitCoin Cash
  • Etherium
  • Tezos
  • See top of post for others
LMP typically receives payment in escrow milestones through platforms such as HubStaff, Upwork and or via PayPal invoices or Stripe payments. Customers paying with cryptocurrency using Coinbase and confirmed refferal links will be credited half off their bill for August 2020. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

NEW BRUNSWICK (Lawson Media & Publishing) -- Foodniche Inc., The organizers of the Food, Health and Technology Summit,  announced that food industry executive Tom Mastrobuoni will be presenting a speech at the food and technology focused event taking place at Rutgers University this month. He is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Tyson New Ventures, the corporate venture capital wing of Tyson Foods, popular for their frozen foods sold at grocery stores nationwide.

Mastrobuoni has nearly 15 years of experience in what is known in business as alternative asset management. He will discuss ways in which Tyson could bring healthy dinners to homes across the U.S. as well as the strategic priorities of Tyson Ventures investments.

Mastrobuoni joined a list of other speakers who are presenting at the Summit as well. The event is scheduled for October 27 at Rutgers University. Foodniche, operator of the innovative social-meets-food/nutrition platform, plans to unite educators, innovators, experts of industry and even entrepreneurs in the food or foodtech space for two specific purposes at the event:

  • Showcase different Food and FoodTech products that are shaping the world today.
  • Discuss different efforts to tackle obesity and related health challenges

The event keynote address is provided by Dr. Sue Shapses. Shapses is a notable expert in the field of nutrition. She is Professor of Nutrition and Director of NJ Obesity Group. Her talk will involve obesity and strategies to conquer it and other health issues to live better lives.

A panel discussion will consist of the following panelists:

Victor Penev, MBA. CEO at Edaman, Jennifer Goggin Director of Retail, Crave Food Systems, Dr Virginia Quick, Interim director of the Didatic Program in Dietetics, Rutgers University and Cindy Kasindorf, CEO Remedy Organics.

Register for the event at

Update: Louis Cooperhouse, Director of Rutgers Food Innovation Center Added to Notable Guest List
Lou Cooperhouse has over 30 years of extensive business and technology expertise in the food industry, and is a recognized global authority in business innovation and incubation. He has led cross-functional teams in a wide array of entrepreneurial settings including:  new business startups, mid-sized and family-run companies, multinational corporations, foodservice and retail operations, university entrepreneurship centers, and industry trade associations. 

Lou is a Founder and the Director of the Rutgers Food Innovation Center (FIC), a world-class business incubation and economic development accelerator program, which provides expertise to the food industry of New Jersey and the surrounding region.  Lou also serves as President of the New Jersey Business Incubation Network (NJBIN), and oversees the strategy for the business incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces that exist throughout New Jersey. In addition, Lou is on the Board of Directors and is Past-President of the New Jersey Food Processors Association, and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Produce Processing Magazine. Previously, Lou served on the Boards of the National Business Incubation Association, Refrigerated Foods Association, United Fresh Produce Association, Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, and the Future Farmers of America – New Jersey Region.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Press Release: Augabout and LMP Partner on Social-WiFi Service

Image: David Aug (left), Augabout Consulting and Forward WiFi, and Robert Lawson (right), Lawson Media & Publishing showcase Forward WiFi technology at the Regus Office in Downtown Mankato, MN

Augabout Consulting has announced its partnership with Lawson Media & Publishing to provide social media powered WiFi marketing systems to businesses in Southern Minnesota. Aug and Lawson tag team on many projects, including web design and search engine optimization (SEO) for small businesses in Southern Minnesota, including Rochester, Mankato and Twin Cities areas. As Augabout Consulting adds social media powered WiFi marketing to its growing list of products and services as a Minnesota advertising and marketing agency, its relationship grows with the LMP publishing and advertising network. 

Small businesses can now monetize their public WiFi networks, rather than just giving away the WiFi connection for free with no other benefit to the business other than satisfying the ever growing expectations of modern customers, particularly millennials. This partnership marks a new era in digital marketing for Southern Minnesota, Mankato, Rochester and the Twin Cities, as well as other key markets in the Midwest. 

Social media marketing is not new, but Augabout and Lawson Media plan to use their combined expertise and networks to provide a one-of-a-kind ad network designed with local business in mind. Proximity marketing using text messaging is not the future. The future is with social and WiFi technologies like Forward WiFi, combined with really useful content marketing and networking. This is what makes the partnership special, because it combines the power of LMP's publishing and media network with Augabout's specialty marketing and advertising agency to distribute content for businesses in modern and practical ways. These methods are far more likely to provide ROI for small businesses in Southern Minnesota and the Twin Cities. 

Because the WiFi network is combined with niche and local websites, social media pages, email, apps, loyalty programs, coupons and display ads that run across splash pages and landing pages on the network, in addition to interactive media like print magazines, the marketing system the two companies have worked the past year developing will allow businesses to plan engagement strategy around content marketing and social media campaigns in new ways like never before. 

The platform itself will allow those with special routers from Forward WiFi to generate social media or email leads and offer patrons coupons, special offers and coupons to gain their loyalty and continued business, competing with larger companies with the same type of programs in place already. Businesses can also use the hardware and software from LMP and Augabout/Forward WiFi to monetize their Internet connection with ads. Aug compares it to the messaging seen at gas station bathrooms or gas pumps, but on your mobile device instead. Custom pages can be developed for each business in the network. 

There is a great deal more information about this announcement at Independent Forum Review (IFR), an LMP network website that publishes news, information and entertainment to a national, global and local audience. LMP also made an announcement on their website and is distributing press releases across the region about the new venture between these two companies. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wedding Limousine Niche Content - Renee's Royal Valet - Limos, Coaches & Trolleys in Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — This week, I wanted to focus on a blog that I have been promoting for a while now. Renee's Royal Valet - Limos, Coaches & Trolleys in the Twin Cities is a premium transportation provider and they have carved out a nice niche in the wedding limo industry. Their blog has been a central focus point for content development.

RRV is an important case study because they are a good example of how to hammer away at a niche that people are likely to search for in the search engines. LMP set up a custom search engine optimization (SEO) plan with Augabout Consulting group in Rochester, MN for a home run strategy in SEO and social media.

The company's focus on specific niche areas of its business helps LMP develop content that is targeted to the user base they are seeking to serve. Because the content is so relevant and is engaging it is more likely to rank high on search engines like Google and Bing, but is also more likely to produce engagement results on social media like Facebook, where the company has a somewhat large following in the Minneapolis, MN area.

The company also makes use of digital video to show potential customers what the company offers for brides and grooms in Minnesota looking for a wedding limousine provider. They may also want trolley or coach bus rental for their wedding or other event.

Beyond weddings, RRV focuses on tours at breweries and wineries and other local destinations in the twin cities. They can provide trips to airport for company executives that want business travel accounts with RRV as well.

The wedding limousines are the real niche here though. The blog helps spotlight their excellent services as well as the many awards and accolades they have received from wedding media outlets as well as general press and media in Minnesota and online.

They also have a good digital reputation. You will notice they are ranked five stars on both Google and Facebook, but they are also ranked as well on sites like Yelp! and other services including Angie's List, a major referral source for the company. LMP has helped define a winning strategy to help RRV continue to serve brides and grooms, as well as wedding planners and vendors, with the best possible wedding limousine and travel packages available.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Southern MN: Press Release Writing Service in Mankato, Minneapolis/St. Paul

MANKATO/TWIN CITIES, MN (Lawson Media & Publishing) — Looking for a press release writing service in Southern Minnesota, Greater Mankato or the Twin Cities of Minnesota? LMP can provide select packages to enhance your company's information stream and brand narrative.

LMP is a Southern Minnesota media, publishing and IT project management company based in the Mankato area with a strong presence in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. LMP provides information services to local businesses and companies that need to get the word out about their product/services, sales/promotions, business developments, new locations, advertising/marketing initiatives and general company news. There are other reasons to choose LMP:

  • Targeted campaigns with a solid network of publishers, editors, writers and outlets to send materials and information to
  • Creation of unique content
  • Relationship with a top performing media company that provides similar services to clients worldwide (LMP has clients all over the globe including several U.S. states, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Israel, etc.)
Press Release Distribution
Take a look at the above image. It represents a real targeted campaign for a global social media company focused on food, nutrition and health. The company,, is a returning client and creates press releases for various campaigns. Their releases, crafted by LMP specialists (myself as a copywriter), were picked up by various news outlets including Digital Trends, Digital Journal and several others. That's because LMP has distribution lists that include contacts for top editors, publishers and writers for media companies. 
Publishing and PR Writing to Expand Reach
Additionally, LMP is a publisher, so your news can reach our content network of publications, websites, social media channels and applications. As you can see in the image above, unique articles were generated for Independent Forum Review, Slanted Magazine Southern Minnesota Arts, & Culture and Mankato Gazette. These are LMP sites. We have an expanding data/information, content and advertising/marketing network, which your business can leverage.
That Reach Includes Page Rank and SEO Efforts
Your press releases will reach the largest possible audience. People nowadays use search engines, directories and social media on the Internet for computers and mobile devices to find the information they are looking for. That figure represents more than 90 percent of consumers now. It is called the "consumerization of IT" and I have written extensively about it for tech companies and publishers in the past. These articles will appear high on search engine results as shown in the image, which is a real search on Google on the first page organic results list. made it in the top 5 results, #1, #2 and #4 being LMP network sites that are linked to the social media company with original articles online in the Southern MN, Mankato and Twin Cities area. 
Get PR distribution, articles/blog posts, LinkedIn articles, social media posts/memes, email marketing starting at $75. See the above image or call me personally at 612-460-5851 to get started on your Southern MN, Mankato or Twin Cities PR and marketing/advertising campaign.  

Rob Lawson
Publisher, Media Specialist & IT Project Manager
Lawson Media & Publishing

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Digital Marketing Through Publishing, Media and Technology Solutions

SOUTHERN MINNESOTA/MANKATO/TWIN CITIES — If you're looking for a provider of digital marketing services, consider an agency that also provides publishing and IT project management solutions.

That agency is Lawson Media & Publishing. I am the owner and operator. My company undertakes all sorts of projects that keep me and those whom I contract with very busy. I am always interested in queries about projects within the scope of my company's expertise, network and resource base.

A Network of Quality Websites and Information/Media Services
The LMP network consists of several available resources that can be leveraged to maximize the potential digital marketing gain for your business in Southern Minnesota, Greater Mankato or the Twin Cities, though I take on projects globally/nationally as well. I, and those I work with, employ tactics such as deep analytics, user design principles, search engine optimization (SEO), page rank solutions, directory search, social media optimization, automation tools, application based solutions, content marketing/strategy and various other methods.

One important element to our success is our network. LMP has contacts in a wide variety of industries and regularly communicates with other creative and technical agencies, specialists, consultants and IT professionals to develop solutions that best meet the goals and strategies of our clients. The deliverable is an overall part of their long-term company outlook. In other words, the service Lawson Media provides is building value. That means LMP can position itself as a trusted partner and enabling it to further expand its network.

Quality websites and applications are also a part of the mix with LMP's custom solutions. Get valuable backlinks, directory listings, feature posts, sponsored content, video promos, effective digital advertising, social media page links on specific LMP content channels in the network and effective e-mail and other digital marketing solutions. LMP offers an excellent Press Release + Article package.

Customizable Solutions for Small Businesses in Minnesota
Whether you are looking for suitable marketing solutions for branding, print media, newspaper/magazine advertising, indoor/outdoor signs/graphics or digital solutions like social media, SEO/page rank, press distribution, web/app design or content marketing; LMP is the choice for your small business. I will personally consult with you to get your company started on a path toward marketing and advertising excellence. My network is constantly growing and the benefits of that await your business. My specialty is content marketing, copywriting, SEO and publishing solutions, but my network includes partners, contractors and agencies that have developed talent in just about any field you can imagine, from programming to brand marketing and web development. Call for a consultation or to obtain a proposal based on your custom specs.

Rob Lawson
Publisher, Media Specialist and IT Project Manager
Lawson Media & Publishing

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How Will I Raise Funds for My Business Loan in Two Days? Ask.

I only have less than two days to raise funds to get "Mission Critical" accomplished for speedy transfer of service on a website I purchased recently.  
There isn't much time to advertise nor much money considering I just purchased the business, am hiring an IT development team to deploy upgrades to the platform, and am working round the clock to fund all the operations I have and pay everyone on time. 
I tried hard to avoid cluttering my social media feeds with requests from people for funds, but it has come down to the wire! There is no time to waste to get this one fund paid to move on to work on the development of the core features and upgrades on the platform. ZoomVillage (company I recently acquired) needs to be up and running again! The users must continue to "provide local news coverage all over the world through a world-class CMS system. The site is down due to a server cost that exceeds my budget after the acquisition and budget set aside for my IT team to create upgrades on the platform and monetize it as a profitable business, enabling journalists and marketers across the world to finance their own news enterprises."
ZoomVillage provides a CMS for smaller publishers or organizations. It features citizen journalism tools, optimized web layouts for all sorts of devices and multiple forms of advertising and revenue options for publishers: 
This includes options like display ads, text ads and [sponsored posts coming soon], geographical marketing programs and devices (many more coming) and other great locally focused features for your news and local information guide. 
$25 to spare? I know it's a lot to ask, but fundraising is never the easy part of business. I can personally use this money to build a profound business opportunity for other entrepreneurs like myself and create local news operations that profit and still produce great content and news for their audiences. 
Thanks for your continued support!